Colin Thompson's Open Letters to the disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ at Gateshead

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Here's the list of open letters I sent to my fellow saints in Gateshead over a period from April 2000 to  December 2002.
Since writing and sending out these letters I have learned a little more hopefully and probably would not write them exactly the same today. But this is where I was at at that time, shows how we are seeing through a glass darkly.

1. Attempting to identify the assembly of the Lord Jesus Christ at Gateshead.

2. Trying to encourage us all to recognise one another within the body of Christ locally.

3. Loving the brethren - really.

4. Spending some time with the disciples.

5. The Vital Necessity of Being filled with the Holy Spirit

6. Being Disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ.

7. Wanting the Gifts of the Lord Jesus Christ operating among the saints.

8. Being the friends of the Lord Jesus Christ.

If you don't know the Lord Jesus in a real personal way (not just an imaginary friend) then you may like to read my letter to someone wanting to know Jesus which I hope may help.


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